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Manchester networking

Thanks for that

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Police crime stats for your area

Would you like to know what crime go’s on in your area?

Have a look at this website and put your area or post code in, it will then give you the stats by month.

Makes interesting reading!

click this to check!!!

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Pan Tilt Zoom Camera being serviced

At Space CCTV we install, maintain and service CCTV systems of all sizes. Below you can see us servicing a number of different PTZ cameras high up on towers.

If you require help from a CCTV Companie like Space CCTV please give us a call on 0161 879 4406  or fill out a contact us form and we will call you back.

pant tilt zoom

view from cctv ptz
IndustrialCCTVSystem from


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Classic Burglar Alarm Mistake

Below is a picture of an old alarm box on the front a house. It is a classic mistake from the home owner but they just don’t realize.

If your house has one of these on it, it shows the thieves or “opportunists” that your alarm most probably hasn’t been serviced for years and is likely not to work or be used. Your house then becomes “worth a chance”.

When a customer leads comes after a break in the most common phrase we here is “we’ve never needed it before” unfortunately you will never know when you need it that’s the whole point of having it.

Don’t make this classic mistake, get your alarm serviced and tested. If your alarm bell box is drastically out of date get it updated to show “opportunists” you are in working order.


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Shed Burglar Alarm and CCTV

Here’s a picture of a recent installation of both a CCTV system and a burglar alarm which was installed on a customers shed. It’s no so unusual for our customers to want to alarm their sheds as part of their home alarm system. There is thousands of people out there who work from home and need to protect their assists or work equipment.

Do you need help protecting yourselves or know of anyone who could do with some help?

You can fill out a contact form or give us a call and we would live to help!!!!!!


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Look at this transit Van (scrap Metal)

We have just had an enquiry come into Space CCTV for an intruder alarm plus monitored CCTV.

The customer contacted us after they had been broke in and had one of their vehicles stripped and chopped ready for the scrap metal yard.

As you can see in the picture below this Ford Transit van has had its engine removed, its window smashed and has been chopped up with a grinder.

The thieves used the customers own garage to chop the van on a Sunday afternoon whilst the placed was closed. It was aledged the theives took the engine but were spooked on their  return for the chopped metal and left it.

This could have been avoided! If the site had already got monitored CCTV plus an intruder alarm on the building no one would have been able to inflict such heart ache!!

People you must be proactive and not reactive!!!!!!!! Give us a call or fill out a form and we will help you avoid this terrible situation.

metal theft

metal theft1


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Space’s New Alarm Box Design

Space’s New Alarm Box Design

This is the first picture of our newly designed Alarm Bell Box for our new alarm customers.

The new box has a contemporary design which is striking enough to be noticed but still subtly blends in with the outside of your building.

Your alarm box is one of the first things a potential thief will use to decide whether they think that this home or business is security conscious or not.

If you have an alarm box that looks like this, to a thief this says: This Alarm System probably doesn’t work properly anymore and isn’t maintained regularly!!

And they would be right.  This is an alarm box recently taken from one of our new customers who has just had a whole new alarm system fitted due to a break in at their home in Oldham.

If you have an alarm box that looks like the one below, to a thief this probably says: This Alarm System is new, the flashing LED’s mean that its live, and its probably going to be switched on.  I’ll go next door!



What does your Alarm Box says about your home or business?

For some free advice call us on 0161 879 4406.

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Golf Club CCTV

Golf Club CCTV

This week we were called out to a Golf Club in Cheshire who had just had £1,200 worth of diesel stolen from their fuel tank.  This is becoming a common type of theft and we are seeing increasing numbers of calls from new and existing customers.

Diesel is held on site by many types of businesses, ranging anywhere from golf  and sports clubs to farms, landscape gardeners, plant hire company’s, haulage contractors plus more.  Remote sites are increasingly being targeted.



Above is a picture of a 2000 litre diesel tank (aprox £1,200 worth) at a Golf Club in Cheshire.

To deter criminals from this type of theft Space CCTV can advise you of some simple and effective CCTV solutions for your Gold Club.  For more information contact us on 0161 879 4406.

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Burglar Alarms from

Burglar Alarms from Space – The Best in Burglar Alarms

Unfortunately burglary is  something we come across on a daily basis, whether it’s a call from a home owner who ‘s had all their personal belongings stolen or a business owner who’s just lost his entire months stock.  The effects are devastating.

Today we received a call fro a gentleman who has just had two of his classic cars stolen from his garage at home.  As with many, this was not an opportunist theft, this was planned and carefully executed in the dead of night whilst the owner and his family were asleep upstairs.


Regrettably, the owners had not set their burglar alarm.

If the burglar alarm had been installed by a professional company such as ourselves ( we would have demonstrated to the owners how to ‘zone’ their burglar alarm so that it can be set at night whilst they’re asleep upstairs.

Zoning your burglar alarm is effective and very easy to do.  It could help reduce the risk of you being the victim of another burglary.

For this customer, we have now upgraded their existing Burglar Alarm and also added their garage to the system.  We’ve demonstrated how easy the system is to zone and all for no more than £550.00.  This is £50 less that the excess on his insurance policy!!

If you would like to know more about upgrading your current burglar alarm feel free

to get in touch on 0161 879 4406.

Burglar Alarms from

Burglar Alarms from



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Commercial Alarms

Commercial Alarms

Which Commercial Alarm System Do I Need?

The first thing to do is to arrange for one of our surveyors to come out and visit you in your premises, this way they can get a good feel for the nature of your business and the level of Commercial Alarm System that you will need.

There are several factors to be taken in to consideration by the surveyor,

  1. What is it that you need to protect? (i.e. major stock holding, cash management, vehicles, etc)
  2. What are the businesses weak points? (i.e. 24 hour site, customers in the premises, etc)
  3. What are the weak points within the premises? (lots of discreet places for hiding, lots of entry/exit points, etc)

These are just some of the things that will be going through the surveyors mind when they visit you.  This is what will be going through the Criminals mind when they visit you too!!   

Commercial Alarm Systems don’t have to be a mind field if you chose the right Installation Company to work with.  At Space we take our work very seriously and spend hundreds of hours every year, staying up to date with the latest equipment and regulations.

One of our favorite Commercial Alarm Systems are the Texecom brand of systems.  Well known for their durability and easy to use keypads , Space Alarms use this brand on most Commercial Alarm installations.

If you would like some help or advice on your Commercial Alarm then just call us on 0161 879 4406 or fill in our easy contact us form and we’ll come straight back to you.

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