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Look at this transit Van (scrap Metal)

We have just had an enquiry come into Space CCTV for an intruder alarm plus monitored CCTV.

The customer contacted us after they had been broke in and had one of their vehicles stripped and chopped ready for the scrap metal yard.

As you can see in the picture below this Ford Transit van has had its engine removed, its window smashed and has been chopped up with a grinder.

The thieves used the customers own garage to chop the van on a Sunday afternoon whilst the placed was closed. It was aledged the theives took the engine but were spooked on their  return for the chopped metal and left it.

This could have been avoided! If the site had already got monitored CCTV plus an intruder alarm on the building no one would have been able to inflict such heart ache!!

People you must be proactive and not reactive!!!!!!!! Give us a call or fill out a form and we will help you avoid this terrible situation.

metal theft

metal theft1


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Space’s New Alarm Box Design

Space’s New Alarm Box Design

This is the first picture of our newly designed Alarm Bell Box for our new alarm customers.

The new box has a contemporary design which is striking enough to be noticed but still subtly blends in with the outside of your building.

Your alarm box is one of the first things a potential thief will use to decide whether they think that this home or business is security conscious or not.

If you have an alarm box that looks like this, to a thief this says: This Alarm System probably doesn’t work properly anymore and isn’t maintained regularly!!

And they would be right.  This is an alarm box recently taken from one of our new customers who has just had a whole new alarm system fitted due to a break in at their home in Oldham.

If you have an alarm box that looks like the one below, to a thief this probably says: This Alarm System is new, the flashing LED’s mean that its live, and its probably going to be switched on.  I’ll go next door!



What does your Alarm Box says about your home or business?

For some free advice call us on 0161 879 4406.

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Alarm installers New Mills Derbyshire

Do you live in the New Mills area of Derbyshire and need help with your intruder alarm?

Do you need a full new alarm system or simply some alarm maintenance help?

Give us a call at Space on 0161 879 4406 or 0161 317 7440 from a mobile

Or if its easier fill out a contact us form and we will call you back


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Stockport Alarm companies

Do you have a monitored alarm system?

If not does your alarm call or text you when activated?

Have you walk tested your alarm recently?

There are many questions you should be asking yourselve about your alarm, but as your not an expert about alarms why not give us a call and we will check you are getting the best from your system.

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Stockport Alarm Installer advice !

Today whilst driving through Hillgate in Stockport I noticed the damage to the Shop front security shutter in the picture below.

As an alarm installation company we at Space look at this a classic mistake or oversite on the installing alarm engineers. It shows how important it is to intergrate your alarm system onto the shutters of your building giving you that extra chance of protecting your business. I could be wrong here and may be the security shutter was installed after.

A classic way to lift closed security shutters is to force up the shutter with a crow bar, then slide car wheel jack underneath and jack one end up so the thief can get under neath. If you have an alarm contact at either end of the shutter the theif wouldnt get as far as sliding the jack under as the intruder alarm would be set off. This would also stop the huge amount of damage caused to the security shutter which comes out of the owners pocket.

Are you protected from this type of break in???? If not give us a call or fill out a contact us form and we will call you.


stockport alarms

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Stockport Burgular Alarms

Do you have a fully working Burgular alarm?

Has it been serviced in the last year? Or even has it been serviced once a year and documented since the installation?

There are many critical factors which much be checked and documented. In some instances for your insurance purposes.

If you are in need of an alarm installation or just a yearly service give us a call on 0800 234 0191 or fill out a contact form and will we assist

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Stockport Alarm Installers Space CCTV

Space CCTV are well known for being a leading CCTV company, But also also install a vast number of alarm systems both domestic and commercial. We install intruder alarms systems throughout the Northwest from small domestic houses right through to large industrial sites. We use only top quality equipment like Texecom and Honeywell ensuring the lowest possible failure rate.

Space  started installing alarm systems in Stockport many years ago after finding they just went hand in hand with CCTV installs and have just kept growing.

If we can assist you in anyway with either CCTV issues or alarms system queries please contact us and we will assist as best we can.

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