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Look at this transit Van (scrap Metal)

We have just had an enquiry come into Space CCTV for an intruder alarm plus monitored CCTV.

The customer contacted us after they had been broke in and had one of their vehicles stripped and chopped ready for the scrap metal yard.

As you can see in the picture below this Ford Transit van has had its engine removed, its window smashed and has been chopped up with a grinder.

The thieves used the customers own garage to chop the van on a Sunday afternoon whilst the placed was closed. It was aledged the theives took the engine but were spooked on their  return for the chopped metal and left it.

This could have been avoided! If the site had already got monitored CCTV plus an intruder alarm on the building no one would have been able to inflict such heart ache!!

People you must be proactive and not reactive!!!!!!!! Give us a call or fill out a form and we will help you avoid this terrible situation.

metal theft

metal theft1


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Redwall External PIR’s with Videcon Cameras

Here is a picture of a CCTV installation in Stockport. It show s the use of Videcon Air cameras and Redwall CCTV external PIRs. This is a great example of a monitored CCTV installation using excellent kit. As a CCTV company we at Space CCTV could not recommend better kit. It’s very reliable and very durable kit, everything you need for piece of mind.


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GJD external PIR from

Here is a picture of a GJD Opal Elite PIR. It has been installed by Space CCTV on a house in Manchester. The purpose of the CCTV detector is to notify the home owner when a human walks through their rear garden. When the detector is activated it relays this to the CCTV DVR which then sends alarm emails to the appropriate people. They can log on to the site and notify the trespasser and also the police.


January 3, 2013 at 5:58 pm | monitored cctv |
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School CCTV, such a versatile tool nowadays

In today’s demanding world the use CCTV in schools is proving to be a priceless tool and  is used for a number of different reasons.

At Space CCTV we have completed a number of school sites acrosss the Northwest of England, each one with its own specific requirements.

Whether you need new kit or just help getting the best out of what you have, give us a call on 0161 879 4406 or fill out a contact us form and we can give you a call back.


Question?????????? is your school monitored safe and sound at night or out of hours? We specialize in protecting sites and their assests big or small.

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