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Redwall External PIR’s with Videcon Cameras

Here is a picture of a CCTV installation in Stockport. It show s the use of Videcon Air cameras and Redwall CCTV external PIRs. This is a great example of a monitored CCTV installation using excellent kit. As a CCTV company we at Space CCTV could not recommend better kit. It’s very reliable and very durable kit, everything you need for piece of mind.


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Redwall External PIR Sensors

Here is a picture of some Redwall External PIR’s installed by Space CCTV installers from Manchester.  The Redwalls are protected by anti vandal cages.  Their purpose is to detect any intruders once the site is closed.  Once triggered they will tell the Pan Tilt and Zoom camera (PTZ) to move to the appropriate area so the the DVR will record the correct footage and be ready for the monitoring station to watch.  This is a really effective way to catch criminals in the act and once the monitoring station have located the them the police are called.



January 23, 2013 at 10:59 pm | Redwall PIR's |
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