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Remote CCTV

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Are you looking for Remote CCTV Services?

A Remote CCTV System is a effective way to prevent thefts and criminals from entering your premises.  It is a proven method to reducing crime by protecting materials, stock, assets and plant

  • Automatic recording
  •   No tapes or back ups
  •   Watch over the internet
  •   Watch on your mobile phone

Our Remote CCTV Systems are designed with the end user in mind.  These range from simple solutions such as 2 camera systems designed for smaller sites and premises all the way through to 30 camera systems designed for large scale building sites and industrial premises.

All of our Remote CCTV Systems have an easy interface which allows you to browse your recordings and play back scenes of interest with little or no effort and from the convenience of your PC, laptop, tablet and mobile phone.

Increasingly, we receive calls from business owners and project managers who have been victims of crime and need a solution to try to prevent it from happening again.  Thieves are not stupid and they can tell the difference between a professionally installed CCTV System and a cheap DIY job.

A professionally installed Remote CCTV System can provide instant alerts when trouble occurs.  It can email you while you’re off duty or can talk directly in to a monitoring center who can call for key holder and police response when required.

CCTV is also a great way of maintaining productivity within your business whilst you are not there.  It’s a valuable tool for safe guarding your employees and customers.  With a correctly designed Remote CCTV System you can feel happy that your business is being taken care of.

With 4 camera Business CCTV Systems starting form £995 plus vat, speak to one of our team on 0161 879 4406 and see how we can help you business.